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A long time ago, kings, knights, and peasants all lived for a common purpose: kings ruled the land, peasants served their king, and knights defended their kingdom. Beyond the seas, beyond the woods, and beyond high mountains was a fortress ruled by a stern and powerful king. This stronghold was unbreakable and the king’s army was undefeatable.

Every year the king held an event called “The Royal Games” for his noble subjects to train to become highly skilled knights. Beneath this fortress lay a dungeon used to test their wits and strength. These knights faced rigorous obstacles including traps, weaponry, and psychological tactics. Only the most resilient knights prevailed. Whoever was worthy during the treacherous journey earned the rank among the king’s elite.

In Knights of Glory, you play as one of the king’s knights seeking the ultimate goal of becoming a Royal Games victor. Advance through a treacherous dungeon by using the art of bluffing. Each player will try to make their way to the exit through deception and deduction. More than one knight may prevail. Exit the dungeon to win the Royal Games and become Elite Knights.

  • AGES: 8 and up
  • PLAYERS: 2-5
  • DURATION: 15 – 45 minutes
  • GAMETYPE: Competitive
  • MECHANICS: Dungeon Crawl, Push your luck, Bluffing
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Destination cards that you randomly generate to create the dungeon paths.


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