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On an island far from humanity lies a secret facility run by a mad scientist. She is the most evil person—the most cunning, the most horrific (and did I mention evil?) person known to woman. Her facility consists of a laboratory, a torture chamber, holding cells, and a labyrinth.

The laboratory is where the doctor performs her illicit experiments. She has kidnapped people around the world to be her test subjects. She not only has figured out how to clone her subjects but has figured out how to crossbreed animals with humans and vice-versa. One of her successful experiments was of a human and a rat. These hideous creatures are known as BREEDERS. They are half the size of an average human. They are fast, hard to detect, and only come out at night to feed on unexpected prey.

The loud sounds you hear could only be the screams and moans of agony coming from the torture chamber. The torture chamber is where the doctor analyses each subject’s tolerance to pain and suffering. She will push their limits until they break or die. Out of the hundreds of corpses that did not pass the test, only six have made it thus far.

These six subjects are known as REAPERS. They are creatures that take on the form of a human and an animal that have been genetically modified and mutated. They are in their holding cells where they await to be released into the labyrinth and unleash their terrifying acts of evil. They are trained to prey on human flesh and they will stop at nothing until they do.

While these are some of the ghastly things to come out of the doctor’s laboratory, it does not end there. Some of her experiments consist of chemical solutions that alter one’s abilities. Thus, giving them supernatural powers. This supernatural ability can range from running five times faster than a cheetah to being undetectable like a Chameleon. This chemical solution is called GEN-13. GEN-13 derives from 12 separate chemical solutions plus one unknown. When the unknown is used on a creature, it becomes the ELEMENTAL. The ELEMENTAL has the power to claim all 12 chemical solutions if present.

The doctor is now looking to abduct new test subjects around the world to continue with her GEN-13 experiments. This evil doctor is known as Dr. Culebra.

Escape from the labyrinth of Dr. Culebra’s Island. The labyrinth consists of obstacles, traps, and creatures. You will need to find the exit before the time runs out.

Will you be able to escape the island with the others or be doomed to be Dr. Culebra’s permanent lab rat?

  • AGES: 13 and up
  • PLAYERS: 2 – 6
  • DURATION: 45 – 90 minutes
  • GAMETYPE: Cooperative Survival Horror
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The game have map tiles that you can place randomly which will be setup by the player playing as the mad scientist.