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What’s new in times like this


We hope everyone is doing fine in times like this. We hope everyone is safe and playing some new board games with your family. We know there’s not much you can do but board games are sometimes the best remedy when you are quarantined at home. Speaking of new games…read our next section below.


We are currently working on a new game called Dino Dodge. Dino Dodge is a competitive Take that, Hand Management, and Free-For-All game. The game can last between 10-15 minutes, for ages 8 and up, and for 2-5 players.


65 million years ago, the Earth was dominated by Dinosaurs. They lived together in peace and harmony. Always being kind and courteous to their dino neighbors. That is…until the Meteors came…

Now it’s every Dino for themselves! Push, shove and dodge your way out of falling meteors! Do whatever it takes, even if it means moving another player under the meteor, to be the Last Dinosaur on Earth!


Be the last dinosaur standing! Play action cards to dodge falling meteors, move players under meteors and avoid new threats. Meteors fall in rounds – at the end of the round, whoever is under a meteor that is about to land is eliminated from the game.

Manage your hand carefully or leave your fate in the claws of your dino neighbors. Meteors continue to fall and the world shrinks, as the age of extinction lays way for only one dinosaur left standing!